Varg Branwalather Arnusson

My name is Varg Branwalather Arnusson

I was born under a waning moon in the village of St Erth in the celtic lands of

Cornwaelum. My Father was Beorn Arnusson,  a Danish warrior of feirce repute and my 

Mother was Iseult Pencarrow the daughter of a Cheiftan of the Cornwaelum named Mag Pencarrow. My mother and Father had loved one another in a time when this union was oft frowned upon by both sets of kinfolk and through much tribulation and tenacity my Father gained Mags blessing for there handfasting . Not long after i was born and from the off it was clear i bore the greatest of each of the qualitys of my lineage. The natural courage and fortitude of the Danes and the feirce pride and fighting spirit of the Kernewek. My father named me Varg , which is norse for wolf , for i was cunning quick and hungry for the kill and as soon as i was able my father taught me to be a warrior. My mothers folk however taught me to think , to read and write and the mighty Mag Pencarrow taught that it was well that a man fought but better for a man too know that which was worth fighting for. My life in Cornwall was one of beauty and mystery and often danger , i took to the seas at 11 years old too raid coasts of the Saxons of Wessex with my Father and his sheild brothers and my Viking life began.

As the years went by the hostility between the Kernewek and the Saxons grew and my Grandfather and my Father became part of an alliance with one aim. To finally drive the Saxons away from our lands. Aid came from our Danish brothers who had given fealty to the Cornish cheiftans. This was my first meeting with my other Grandfather Beorn the forked beard. A man who would come to have the greatest influence in my life. So to Hingston Down we went and we fought the west Saxon scum , Victory a foregone conclusion. But the gods were not with us that day and fight as we may our lines were over whelmed and we were defeated. Many warriors and the greatest of us lay broken and dead on that hallowed ground and along with them died the fire to defeat the Saxons. What came after was ritual humiliation and further subjugation. Fearing the worst I gathered what was left of my kin and we left Cornwaelum with my grandfather who took us far too the north but of the bitter days at Hingston down , I Varg Arnusson could neither forgive nor could I [removed];

In Northumbria I further honed my warriors skills and I went to the land of my kinsfolk and learned more of what it truly meant to have the blood of the northmen flowing through me. But Cornwall was in my heart and I made an Oath that I would return and take vengeance on those who had done my people [removed];

And so now with vengeance in my heart I go now to seek out Gyrd Grimson and the sheild brothers of Morvledyh and join them and to carve my name into the flesh of those I call enemy 


Varg Branwalather Arnusson