Harald Sithnison

Harald is a karl, a prosperous farmer, who originally had a steading in Sodervik, Mann, and a share in a small knarr that traded to Dyfflin and Strathclyde. Harald's father was a Svear who married a Pictish women, Eithne, whilst a-viking in Sutherland and later settled in Mann.

When the Jarl Eirik of Dubhglas raised taxes and tried to force the worship of the Nailed God on his people, Thor-worshipper Harald took the whale road to Kernow to take service with Gyrd Grimson against the Sowsnek invaders. There Harald met and married Glawyr and now lives on his land-grant in Karrek.

Harald still trades overseas with his partner Ejolf and fights with spear and axe in the shieldwall when needful. Harald's prowess with the bow is legendary and he is always called upon when a door needs breaking down, for which he is dubbed DOORSMITER. However "Uncle" sometimes feels the weight of all his many years and looks forward to the pleasures of Freya's hall at Sessrumnir !

The Havamal guides Harald's way through Midgard, and he thinks Old One-Eye was speaking of him when he advised "despise not the grey-haired singer, for the old are often wise".