Masek Mab Blyth

Like many of his countrymen his parents where killed by invaders when he was a boy and on that day only hate and revenge was the only thing that dwelled within him. He and many other boys have spent many years learning the art of fighting from the  older warriors of the village, as a man aged through many battles he can now be found fighting by the side of his old friend the former cornish king Mor Mab Doniert where he has honed his skills over many years to be a formidable warrior who shows no remorse to any and all his enemies.

As a young warrior he fought with the old king Doniert Mab Mawgan and his son Mor where they became great friends who could be found in a sheild wall side by side knee deep in blood and bodies of battle. Many years have passed and he found himself at odds with many of the nobles in his court so he left and put his trust and weight behind  the leader of a group of settled vikings.

In time like all men he wanted to find a wife and have children. Whilst living within viking village he meet a young viking woman called Halla, they married and had two daughters which they named Bronnen and Lowen. Now with their lives within the viking village is a much more of a peacfull one.

Till the next battle.