Freja Luttasdottir

I am a rich farmers daughter who comes from the vestfold area of norway. After my father passed into the halls of Valhalla i went on my travels to find my own fame and fortune. My eldest brother inherited my fathers farm and he paid my way on a ship bound for Ireland with the company of my other brother for protection. Once landed i setteld for a while until i met and married my husband Mor Mab Doneirt;    Mor being the son of the previous Cornish king is the love of my life and the fame and fortune that i was seeking. He took me and my brother with him on his travels but home is in Kernow where i birthed two beautiful children; Astrid a girl who is going to make the most wonderful wife when she comes of age and Magnus a boy who already has the skills to follow in his fathers footsteps as a mighty warrior.