Gyrd Grimson

I have sailed the whale road for many years with my father Grim,

mounting raids from Orkneyjar to Diflyn and Gwynedd,

spilling red gold for any lord with enough silver for my sea chest,

my enemies shall hear the song from the thin smile of my axe.

My name is Gyrd, you may have heard of me!

Born in Grimness, Orkney younger son of Jarl Grim Grimson, Gyrd knew that unless death took his older brother Grim that he would not inherit his fathers lands and so took to the seas as a Sturaesman of his own ship of Hiberno Norse mercenaries selling there superior fighting skills to whatever man had the silver to pay. Travelling through out the lands across to the Norway and Denmark, through out Ireland and England a regular face in Dublin and Jorvik. Wielding his twin Skegox Grippa and Grappa (property and theft) and his mighty dane axe Deathsinger Gyrd has claimed many a foeman across the lands as well as a great wealth. When there are no fights to be had Gyrd takes to the waters with his fishing spears and harpoons catching seals, porpoise and Walrus for their hides, meat and Ivory which he trades where he can. As well as other forms of fishing for Cod, Herring and Eels which he dries and salts for the long journeys on the Whale roads for his crew. When the King of Kernow began having more trouble than usual with the Saxons bordering their lands Gyrd was more than happy to sell his crews services to the men and women of Kernow and has now taken on leadership of the weaponmen and women of the land, repelling Saxon attacks at Gunnislake and raiding deep into the Saxon lands at Totteness.