Mine is a tale of high adventure, where warriors are made, bones are crushed and where blood flows like a river. It all begins in a town called Bergen on the west coast of Norway, where I was born into this world. Death surrounded me even then as I took my mothers life when she bore me. The first years of my life were harsh, working my father Olafs farm, the ground was more rock than earth but the weather was even harsher. Many years past and an opportunity came my way. I was given the great honor of crewing the jarls ship and offered the chance to raid in his name. We had many successful seasons I found very quickly that the dance of blood came easy to me, death was heaped upon my name as was much gold and many dark stories.

One winter, I know not when, only that it was cold, cold enough to freeze life from the air itself, my father was taken from me and I was left alone in the world. This is when I went back to the only family I had left, my brothers of the wall, brothers in blood. After many more battles I found myself in Dublin where I met the kindest maiden that ever was seen in this dark world, with hair white as snow. Mona is her name she lit up and warmed my soul and I settled within my own farmstead for a time. It was at this time of relative peace in my life that we had a son named Blaine Kirson.

While in Dublin I had an unlikely meeting with a king, his name was Gyrd Grimson, you may have heard of his deeds I know I did, and so when he promised me treasure and adventure in equal measure I could not resist. He was planning to travel far to a place I had never knowm called Kernow where he said I would find a good home for my family.

Now we live in the kingdom of Kernow farming its rich soil and repelling the Saxsons from its borders, following the brothers of Morvleydh where ever they may go.